Website Questions

What makes your jewelry special?

Cara Cara Jewelry is unique.  We use all natural stones, gold vermeil, and distinctive designs to create each distinctive piece of jewelry. Many pieces are “one of a kind”.  Our designs are inspired by nature and the world’s different and exciting cultures.  

Why should people choose your jewelry?

At Cara Cara, we believe that each woman has an inner  beauty that is unique to her. Each piece  of jewelry is hand crafted to enhance a woman’s personal style. 

When was this company started?

Cara Cara was started in 2019.

Why was this company started?

Cara Cara was a dream of Ginger’s for 2 years.  After retiring from a 23 year career as a Physician Assistant in Family medicine, Gastroenterology and Emergency medicine, Ginger started Cara Cara with the intention to design and fabricate and represent unique and beautiful jewelry so that each woman can enhance her own unparalleled beauty. 

Why is Cara Cara unique?

We are focused on creating beautiful, distinctive designs.  Each piece is designed to to reach the heart of the woman and intensify her unique style.

What kind of jewelry do you offer?

Handmade earrings and necklaces of gold vermeil and natural stones along with beautiful  styles from women entrepreneurs of other world cultures.