The Story of Ancient Roman Glass

ancient roman glass

The ancient Roman Empire was a great civilization, renowned for their artistic and technological achievements.  One of the amazing Roman achievements of the time was the industrialization of glass-making.

More than 2000 years ago, the Ancient Roman Empire included lands along the Mediterranean Coast which had an abundance of sand.  Glass making centers developed in this region which included Jerusalem and modern-day Israel.

Recent archeological excavation in what is now modern-day Israel has produced ancient magnificent 2000-year-old glass fragments in various shades of aqua.  These fragments began life as household jugs, vases or temple vessels.

These items were treasured 2000 years ago in the Ancient Roman Civilization. The ancient glass has rested undisturbed for centuries and is discovered in broken shards and fragments. The ancient glass is excavated, cleaned, and shaped thereby giving each piece new life. 

We at Cara Cara are excited to have acquired Ancient Roman Glass Beads to hand craft into exceptional pieces of jewelry.  

Those lucky enough to acquire and wear a piece of jewelry handcrafted using Ancient Roman Glass are wearing a small piece of 2000-Year-Old history!  These pieces are meant to be valued and handed down to future generations with the history they possess.